Social Health is Important, Too

This may seem to be an uncommon concept, especially for those who believe that health is merely to be equated with physical health. Contrary to popular belief, health is a combination of so many aspects of our lives, beyond the merely physical. The truth is that the human being is not just a physical body, but is also defined by his or her relationships and social roles, as well as how well he or she lives out these relationships and roles. Because of this, overall health and wellness would mean also taking care of the social aspect of life.

Needless to say, people’s understanding of the social has been radically altered, especially with the onset of ‘social’ media. The question is, is having a lot of social media accounts sufficient proof for optimum social health? Is having a lot of Facebook friends already equal to having a lot of healthy relationships? The answer of course, is no. There are more elements to social health than just social media.

Do’s and Don’ts for Social Health

Do exert effort to be friendlier. It may seem and feel weird at first, particularly for people who see themselves mainly as introverts. However, the good news is that friendliness is something you can definitely learn, because it’s not something that a person is necessarily born with. It will take a lot of practice (try the mirror, for example), but the practice that you do will pay off.

Social Health doesn’t have to be inside a circle or pertaining to just a chosen group. If you book a flight using agoda booking discount code, you can connect to people outside your comfort zone. Traveling can be a good way to explore bezienswaardigheden amsterdam and see the world from a different perspective. This might be a challenge but this can also increase your self-confidence and will eventually be socially healthy.

Do turn off the TV. There’s a reason why some people call the television set the idiot box. When a person is too focused and invested in the television set, it renders the person incapable of reaching out to real people with real concerns. The tendency is to get drowned out in the world offered by the television screen.

Don’t get drowned out by your gadgets, either. Instead of spending hours and hours searching for AliExpress coupon and promo codes, or how to get an abubot discount code, take time off your gadgets and time off your social media self. Don't spend too much time doing online shopping and searching for a Lazada coupon. This can be a big challenge to millenials but it can also be a great opportunity to feel and see the other side of being.  Learn to establish yourself as a real person in a real world.